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"This is a president that couldn't play dead in a cowboy movie"

John Kirby, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral (Ret) on CNN talking about President Donald Trump' comments at G-7 Summit.

"I might have tacos when I go home"

Mayor Joseph Maturo, East Haven, CT Answering reporter Mario Diaz's question about what the Mayor will do for Latinos following Federal Racial Profiling allegations & arrests.

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PIO Boot Camp – Police, Fire, And Public Safety Seminar – Outline


30 Classroom Hours
Course Outline
Chris Ryan, president of Ryan & Assoc. Public Relations has created and developed this specialized
4-day course as necessary training for police, fire and public safety officials responsible for
communicating and interacting with the public and news media.

Mr. Ryan administers the program. The non-graded class is offered at various locations throughout
the United States and internationally.


Course Objectives
This course focuses on developing communication skills and an understanding of the news business
for police, fire and public safety personnel empowered with managing and disseminating information
to the public and news media.
PIO Boot Camp participants receive step-by-step direction and vital information on how to excel during
media interviews and news conferences, at crime and fire scenes and in crisis and other critical
situations where the public and news media have an interest in the situation and its outcome.


Participants are trained to understand the workings of the news media on a local, regional and national
level and its interaction with police, fire, public safety and other first res-ponders.


They learn to manage and disseminate critical and often sensitive information, understand the legal
aspects and possible ramifications of the release of information.


They also learn to anticipate reporters’ questions, tactics and perspectives while giving solid and
effective answers. Participants learn how to execute useful departmental news releases and
collateral materials.


This course includes a thorough understanding of the effect that good communications with the
news media has on community and government relations, recruiting and other outreach
programs as well as building alliances with other agencies.


Participants learn their communications and relationships with the media often has an unexpected
impact in the areas of personnel safety, community support, budgets, and more timely resolution
of crimes and other incidents. Issues covered in the seminar lead to a better understanding of
the department’s functions and its place in the community.


Attendees learn from the instructor’s ‘real world’ experience, view and discuss critical video segments
featuring police, fire and public safety officials from across the country interacting with news reporters
in a variety of scenarios. Finally, students participate in practical on-camera interviews and mock
news conferences with “aggressive reporters” in simulated high profile situations.


These intensive scenarios are designed to challenge students to use skills attained during the
course to communicate effectively in highly charged situations where easy answers and
solutions are rarely available and ‘real world’ knowledge and experience is vital.


Officials from all police, fire, public safety and other municipal agencies are encouraged to attend
for invaluable insight, information, networking and training credit.


Strategies and Materials
PIO Boot Camp activities include high caliber media relations instruction, discussions and problem
solving, video presentations, group learning with thought-provoking exercises and role-playing
scenarios. Materials include class handouts and case studies, visual aids and video taping
of practicals, etc. PIO Boot Camp – Police, Fire, And Public Safety Seminar – Outline